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Account opening & Investment policy .

Do your own shopping and investing on the website of Do not share the data of your account with anyone else, you will lose all the money in your wallet and investment, for which the website owner will not be responsible. Add money to your account with your own responsibility.
Some important information that can save your account hack 1.
Do not reveal your password to anyone or share it with anyone.
This wallet is not registered by RBI, nor is the bank itself registered RBI.

  1. It is not even registered with SEBI, after reading this website carefully, do not open investment and account on this website, you are your responsibility. The website owner is not responsible for this. Your loss goes to you website owner and others are not responsible. Invest at your own risk
  2. Before opening the account, only then register the read of the privacy policy website.
  3. It is your responsibility to read the updated policy.
  4. You need to enter your mobile number and Gmail id.
  5. You can invest only after KYC is done. No, your account will be locked. After the completion of KYC, your account will be activated.


User details remain hidden. No user data will be used in the wrong place, only it will be used for marketing.
Your data will be secure, it is the responsibility of the website owner, if you do the correction, you will have to pay some fine. You can contact the support team via Gmail.
If your wallet money accidentally goes to someone else’s wallet, you will have to send an email to the support team, you will have to send your and other account Gmail id, after verifying you will get a refund in 48 hours